Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Big Journey (Nintendo DS)

You’re on a deserted dream-island somewhere in the Caribbean. The
biggest adventure of our time begins here… although you are only here
on vacation and finally want to find your one true love! Then there is a
kidnapping, murder too. Is it really the old Mayan spirits making trouble,
as the natives believe, or is there something more behind it?

You take to the search and find a dark secret, the key to the biggest
treasury ever created by human hands. You have barely endured the one
adventure, when your job as star journalist brings you into a region that
couldn’t be more different: 6,000 miles further north-east, Europe …

Touch the objects that are on your search list. Visit more than 40
locations with 150 levels, search in the most different ways in over
ten search modes and master the numerous bonus games in this
one-of-a-kind Hidden Object Adventure!

» 150 levels
» 40 locations
» Thousands of objects to find
» Unique game variations
» Freeplay mode

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