Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins (Nintendo DS)

Get ready for an archeological dig. In Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins, you'll discover clues and follow a character-filled storyline that will lead you to a long-lost Mayan ruin. The game features 18 missions and 9 DS-only locations through which you are challenged to "find" over 90 hidden objects per scene. You can also unlock additional gameplay modes by locating bonus items such as Jade Masks and Mayan Glyphs. The game includes four mini-games featuring unique stylus-based controls and high score leaderboards, an interactive journal and bonus content.

Product Features:
* Visit exotic locales to find over 1,600 objects in 70 seek-and-solve puzzles and 18 missions
* Collect clues and secret objects and unlock two modes of unlimited play
* Test your skills at 4 types of mini-games with stylus-based action
* Earn awards, compete with friends on high-score leaderboards, and decipher fascinating journal notes
* Enjoy a rich character-driven story written exclusively for Nintendo DS

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