Tuesday, July 21, 2009

eGames Puzzle Variety Pack

Puzzle Variety Pack features three of eGames' top selling Puzzle Masterproducts. With this incredible combination, enjoy over 1,000 puzzles ofexotic places, animals, landscapes, flowers, historic sites and more! Havefun and also create your own puzzles!

Puzzle Master 3 is an exciting full-featured jigsaw puzzle game in the GameMaster Series. With over 200 gorgeous images, 6 different piece styles to choosefrom and the ability to create your own jigsaws, the variations are endless!

Features:* Tons of background colors to choose from* Trays for storing and solving parts of the jigsaw* 4 difficulty levels, or choose 'Custom' to create your own* Jigsaws can be saved as "gifts" to give to friends* Ability to change the size and style of the pieces while solving the puzzle* Beveled piece edges* Option for a ghost image in the background makes solving the puzzles easier* Support for MP3 and WAV files* Auto-save option, which saves jigsaws every few minutes* There is no upper limit for the number of pieces per jigsaw* Over 200 new photo images

Puzzle Master 4 is the ultimate jigsaw puzzle product. With all of the stunningphotos, a more modern user interface, different piece styles to choose from, andability to create your own jigsaws, the variations are endless! Save yourjigsaws and email them to friends! You can even make your own puzzles using yourfavorite photos and then add your own music. Make puzzles of your kids or petsto send to your family or create puzzles for yourself with favorite vacationphotos!

Features:* 250 Gorgeous Photos!* Create Your Own Jigsaws with Your Favorite Pictures!* Add Your Own MP3 or WAV Files to Listen to While You Play!* 4 Difficulty Levels* Save Jigsaws and send them to your friends* Change the size and style of the pieces while solving the puzzle

Puzzle Master 5 not only includes 550 all new puzzles, it lets you create yourown puzzles! As an added bonus, it also includes 3D puzzles. It evenhas a screensaver and wallpaper feature! Puzzle fun for the entire family.Makes a great gift for those that enjoy doing puzzles!

Features:* 4 difficulty levels!* 550 all new puzzles* Create your own 3D puzzles* Enjoy pictures of:# Exotic Places# Landscapes# Animals# Flowers# Historic sites and more!* Create additional puzzles with your own pictures of family, friends, vacations, pets and more!* Puzzle pieces look real!* Support for MP3 and WAV files!* Change the size and style of the pieces while solving the puzzle!

System Requirements:* Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP* 233MHz Pentium PC processor* 32MB of RAM* 3D Accelerated Video Card with 8MB of RAM for Bonus 3D Puzzles* Approximately 600MB hard drive space for full install* Sound Card* DirectX 7.0* Mouse* CD-ROM Drive* Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher (5.01 included)* Internet Access, 28,800 baud modem or better required for optional Internet features

Download 3 parts:
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