Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Full Pipe Total Flush

A third-person point-and-click adventure, Full Pipe takes place in a surreal and psychedelic world. Somewhat reminiscent of Samorost or the Goblins series, the game consists of a large microworld, divided into several levels of various composition. Game cells with diverse non-playing characters are connected with simple pipes you can crawl through. Each cell is one of a kind. Assuming the role of an unusual creature named "Dude", players will have to overcome 39 different "quest scenarios" through a variety of smart cursor interactions and inventory applications. Along the way, you'll encounter eight different minigames to play, and interact with 45 unique characters.
A nameless protagonist is sleeping when a monstrous hand appears from under his bed to nick one of his slippers. Awakened and annoyed, he pursues his precious possession through the giant hole... to unwittingly enter Full Pipe! Getting the slipper back is an easy task, but the little man is soon trapped in a complex system of pipes, all leading to different cells with unusual characters. Shown from a third-person perspective with drawn characters against pre-rendered 3D backgrounds, progress is achieved by collecting items, solving puzzles and playing mini-games.

Game Features:
* 39 quest scenes.* 45 original characters.* 8 arcade games.* Artistic animation.* Pre-rendered 3D graphics.* Nonlinear plot.* Record and replay your own game scripts.* Atmospheric sound and musical appearance.

Download 2 parts:
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