Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pure Hidden

Embark on a Pure Hidden adventure in this original game full of lots of pleasant surprises. The game includes not only pure hidden object tasks but also lots of engaging puzzles to solve.
In Pure Hidden game, you need to open small cream boxes and discover amazing worlds which are hidden inside them. There are 66 cream boxes in all, each with a surprising set of tasks to solve. It can be an original puzzle game, a hidden object scene or an interactive mini-game with an unpredictable surprise.
Besides, Pure Hidden has beautiful art pieces which you unlock and can use as wallpapers for your Desktop. With 30 stunning hidden object locations to walk through, 12 challenging puzzles to solve, 24 unpredictable surprises to entertain you throughout the game, Pure Hidden is an unusual experience for all hidden object fans.
30 stunning hidden object locations to play12 challenging puzzles to solve 24 unpredictable surprisesAstonishing immersive atmosphere

System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista

Beware: When prompted use enclosed serial (launch.exe)

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