Tuesday, July 21, 2009

eGames Card & Board Games 2

Card & Board Games 2 is a fantastic collection of card and board games including old favorites and completely original games! In addition to the card and board games, you will enjoy an additional six strategy games! Card & Board Games 2 provide hours of entertainment for you, family, and friends!Games IncludedCard Games* Solitaire Master 3 SE* Crazy 8* Paragon Bridge* Pinochle* Hearts* Cribbage* Spades* Euchre* Canasta* Gin Rummy* Go Fish* Memory Match* FotoMatch* 21Board Games* Backgammon Deluxe* Reversi* Checkers* Chess* Shark Dominoes* Hex* Ludo* MahJongg Master 3 SE* Rings of the Magi* 5 Dice* Bingo Master SE* Peg Hop* Mancala* WarStrategy Games* Colors of War SE* Sunken Treasure* Secret Circuit* Dweebs 2 SE* 99 Bottles* 15 PuzzleProduct Features* 14 Great Card Games!* 14 All Time Favorite Board Games!* 6 BONUS Strategy Games

System Requirements* Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP* IBM Compatible processor* 233MHz Pentium processor* 32MB of RAM* 235MB of Hard Drive Space Required* 4X CD-ROM Drive* 3D Hardware Accelerated Video Card* Direct X 8.0

Download 2 parts:
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