Wednesday, July 15, 2009

44 Nintendo DS Roms + Emulator

This is a package of Nintendo DS Roms and a GBA/DS Emulator. The roms are ones I have collected over a couple of years and have loved to have. Here is a list of the roms. All roms are in English, and are US or EU.

Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings
Wario Ware Touched!
Lost in Blue
Castlevania – Dawn of Sorrow
Trauma Center – Under the Knife
Marvel Nemesis – Rise of the Imperfects
Mario & Luigi – Partners in Time
Metroid Prime Hunters
New Super Mario Brothers
Resident Evil – Deadly Silence
Mario vs Donkey Kong 2
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
World Series of Poker
Master of Illusion
CSI – Dark Motives
Prism – Light the Way
Impossible Mission
Soul Bubbles
Ultimate Band
Elebits – The Adventure of Kai and Zero
Avalon Code
Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – Echoes of Time
Assassin's Creed
Dragon Blade
Final Fantasy – Ring of Fates
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2
Iron Man
Line Rider 2
Megaman ZX Advent
Smart Kids Game Club
The Quest Trio
The Simpsons Game
Trauma Center 2
USA Today Crossword Challenge
The Legend of Zelda – Phantom Hourglass
Phoenix Wright – Trials and Tribulations
Lost in Blue 3
River King – Mystic Valley
Toy Shop
The World Ends With You
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader
Iron Chef America – Supreme Cuisine
Luminous Arc 2
Lifesigns – Surgical Unit
Lock's Quest
Mazes of Fate
OMG – Our Mini Games

NOTE – All games work – sometimes the rom needs a different save option enabled, which you can change under the NO$GBA config. There's also another Emulator included that may or may not work with some games. The only game that's not tested all the way is Phantom Hourglass as there was no microphone to use when it came to the "yelling into it" part.

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