Tuesday, July 21, 2009

eGames Mah Jongg Master 5

MahJongg Master 5 is truly the master of all mahjongg games! Clear the board by matching all of the tiles in this edition to the MahJongg Master series. Featuring over 250 challenging layouts over 350 tile sets and over 1400 backgrounds the variations are endless! Play traditional Solitaire mode or try out one of the 7 mini games that are rendered in 3D using advanced 3D hardware acceleration technology. You will be kept entertained for hours. Product Title Included1. Clicks2. Memory 3. Slider4. Rivers5. 2 Player Solitaire6. Pointmatch7. Kumika

Fun Activities Include A few highlights on four of the mini-games added:MahJongg MemoryChallenges your memory by hiding the tiles until you find matching pairs.MahJongg ClicksClear the board by finding consecutive runs of tiles. When the tiles disappear the others fall into their place creating an ever-changing board layout.MahJongg RiversSelect any tile as you match pairs to remove them from the board. But it's not easy - the tiles must be linked to each other by forming no more than two corners when drawing a line.MahJongg Slider Remove as many tiles as possible by forming horizontal vertical or diagonal lines of 5 or more matching tiles.

Product Features* Over 350 beautiful tile sets* Over 250 challenging tile layouts* Online play* 20 themes* Hall of Fame* Over 1400 gorgeous backgrounds included (no need to download)* Magnificent ultra-realistic highly detailed 3D accelerated graphics (2D also available)* Winnable layouts and winnable shuffles feature* Choose from 22 soothing musical themes* 7 additional mini games* Exceptional sound effects and animations

Windows Requirements* Windows 95/98/2000/XP* Pentium 233 MHz* 16 MB of RAM* 16 bit color display 800x600 screen resolution* DirectX 7.0* Mouse* CD-ROM drive* Install requires 190 MB hard drive space for full install* Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher (5.01 included)* Internet Access: 28800 baud modem or better required for optional Internet features

Download 2 parts:
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