Tuesday, July 21, 2009

eGames Laptop & Travel Games

Laptop & Travel is a collection of specially selected games that rungreat on your laptop! Whether you're at work, on the train, in a plane, orjust about anywhere, these games will provide hours of fun. PCentertainment everywhere you go!* Spades* Mahjongg Master 4* Poker Palace* Checkers* Solitaire Master 3* Chess* Drop!* Hearts* Gonzo Heads* Puzzle Master 3SpadesClassic card game with superb graphics!Mahjongg Master 4Magnificent tile matching game with six ways to win! The entirefamily will want to test their tile matching skills with MahJongg Master 4! Thisgame includes 250 delightful tile sets that are rendered in 3D. You'll also findover 130 distinctive tile layouts and over 1001 backgrounds. MahJonggMaster 4 features more options than you can imagine! Choose from a variety ofsoothing musical themes, play 5 unique MahJongg games, and even create your veryown layouts with the layout editor!Features:* Magnificent Ultra-Realistic 3D Graphics!* Online Play!* 5 Additional Mini Games, including Clicks, Memory, Slider, Rivers, and 2 Player Solitaire!Poker PalaceForm the best poker hands with the available cards!CheckersFun, simple to play board game!Solitaire Master 3Solitaire Master 3 includes 450 fantastic Solitaire games, including classicslike Klondike and Free Cell! Plus create your own games with the SolitaireWizard! This game includes 75 different card backs to choose from, 12 differentcard faces, and over 500 backgrounds.Features:* 450 Unique Solitaire Games, Plus Create Your Own Games!* Enjoy Endless Variations, with 75 Beautiful Card Backs and 12 Card Faces!* Detailed Game Statistics and Scoring for Multiple Players!ChessClassic game of strategy and skill!DROP!Swap the "Drops" in order to get three or more in a row to clear theboard! DROP! is the ultimate arcade puzzle game, in which you youeliminate drops as they continuously fall from the top of the board. Swap anytwo drops on the screen in order to line up three or more drops of the samecolor. a truly addictive arcade puzzle game, in which you you eliminatedrops as they continuously fall from the top of the board. Swap any two drops onthe screen in order to line up three or more drops of the same color. If youclear enough drops, you will proceed to the next level, in which the drops willfall even faster! If a stack of drops reaches the top of the board, the game isover! Three modes of play, with unlimited action provide for the mostintense, incredible game play that you can imagine!Features:* 3 Modes of Play!* Becomes More Challenging With Each Level!* Simple to Play, and Highly Addictive!HeartsTraditional track-taking card game with soothing music!Gonzo HeadsClick three or more adjacent tiles of the same color to clear them from theboard!Puzzle Master 3Solve 200 beautiful puzzles! The variations are endless with over 200 gorgeousimages, 6 different piece styles to choose from and the ability to create yourown jigsaws! Choose from hundreds of amazing puzzles, includingastronauts, animals, butterflies, flowers, food, landscapes, and more!Features:* Over 200 Stunning Photos!* Save Your Jigsaws as "Gifts" and Email Them to Friends!* 6 Piece Styles to Choose From!System Requirements:* Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP* Pentium III 300MHz processor* 32 MB of RAM* 8MB SVGA Video Card* 430MB Hard Drive Space required* Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher (5.01 included)* Sound Card* DirectX 8.0 compatible hardware and drivers* CD-ROM drive* Internet Access: 28,800 baud modem or better required for optional Internet features* Mouse

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