Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New HOG Games Website Coming Very Soon!

Within a few days there will be a new HOG Games Site.

We'll keep you updated!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Renovate & Relocate: Boston

Help Olivia renovate her new penthouse suite and begin a career in renovation & interior design. Overcome construction issues and convert old houses into gorgeous homes by choosing all new finishes, décor and more! Go from refurbishing small homes to ocean estates and penthouse suites! Travel around Beantown and search for thousands of cleverly hidden objects! Discover your inner-designer talent in Renovate & Relocate: Boston, a fun and unique Hidden Object game!

*Amazing gameplay
*Create a backyard Oasis
*Help Olivia Renovate & Design!

Code: or

Shiver - Vanishing Hitchhiker

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Escape Whisper Valley

A sudden rockslide has left you trapped in an abandoned and mysterious mountain village named Whisper Valley. Seek & find over 2000 cleverly hidden objects and solve puzzles to find a way out of the deserted village!

Play 7 different types of mini-game puzzles to collect hidden map fragments from each location that will be needed to help you escape the deserted village. Play 3 different game modes: Escape the Valley, Unlimited Seek & Find, and a Mystery Bonus Game. Plan your escape today!

Download Here or Here

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lost & Found

While exploring your new home, an old abandoned farmhouse, you discover a strange machine. The manual claims it is a mind reading device, created in 1925 by an A. J. Penburry. After several weeks' work and numerous replacement parts it is now ready for action! It's time to put the machine to good use, and earn enough money to renovate your new home. Lost & Found is a hidden object game in which you help customers find their missing items by locating and piecing together memory fragments. Keep customers happy by finding their favourite objects and use your match 3 skills to create fun and helpful power ups, including Multi Hint, Clarifying Glass and Declutter. With the help of your grateful customers you'll soon restore and decorate your new home.

• Original hidden object gameplay.
• Meet and help out 50 individual customers.
• Repair and decorate your old farmhouse.

• Create fun power ups using your match 3 skills.
• Hunt for items by zooming into the scene.

• Piece together memory fragments in the bonus jigsaw game.

• Discover the story of the strange old machine's inventor.

• DirectX based sound and visual FX.

System requirements:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista • DirectX 8.1 • 450 MHz • 64 MB RAM

Download Here or Here

Sunday, May 16, 2010

CSI: NY - The Game

Detectives Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera, from the hit TV show CSI: NY , need your help to crack some of the most bizarre cases ever! Piece together clues and bring criminals to justice using forensic science. To uncover the truth in this Hidden Object Adventure game, you must visit crime scenes, interrogate suspects, and collect and analyze physical evidence. Work with some of New York s top CSI agents and solve mysterious crimes! For the first time ever, immerse yourself in the world of CSI: NY. Experience five original cases written by CSI writers and solve mysteries alongside your favorite characters from the hit TV crime show.

* SOLVE CRIMES IN THE BIG APPLE - Finally, CSI fans can experience the environment, characters and mysteries of CSI: NY. Piece together clues and uncover hidden evidence in the biggest city in America. Explore five brand-new, bizarre crimes and bring suspects to justice.

* Disk Drive : 4x CD-ROM
* DirectX : DirectX 9.0c
* Hard Drive Space : 650 MB
* Operating System : Windows 2000/XP/Vista
* Processor : Pentium III 800 MHz (1.2 GHz recommended)
* RAM : 256 MB (512 MB recommended) (Vista 1 GB)
* Video Card : 32 MB Direct3D 7.0-compliant video card

Download Here

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pizza Chef 2

Run a chain of classy restaurants and cook like a real professional in Pizza Chef 2, a fun and exciting Match 3 game! Serve clients and earn coins that you can invest back into your restaurant to make your business grow! Keep the clientele happy as you go from a small pizza café, to a chain of upscale restaurants in the big city! Work as quickly as you can in Pizza Chef 2 and create the perfect pizza!

Download Here or Here


Link the adjacent bubbles of the same color to create Chains in this fast-paced and exciting Puzzle game! Rack up the points as the levels get quicker and more challenging. Play through multiple difficulty levels, using a variety of strategies! With unique artwork, physics-driven puzzles, and a fantastic soundtrack, Chains is sure to keep you coming back for more!

Download Here

Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny

Wake up on a deserted tropical beach with no memory of who you are, surrounded by the remains of a hot air balloon. Who are you and why are you there? Slowly, you start to remember. Yes, you found an old map of this island that had been sent to you by your grandfather. But, how could this be? He disappeared so many years ago… Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny Embark on a thrilling adventure to solve these strange questions and to find your way back home. On your journey you will investigate an ancient temple, a sunken ship, and gloomy catacombs. It’s up to you to put the pieces together and solve the mystery of this island!

Download Here

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mystery P.I. - The London Caper (FINAL)

Mystery P.I. - The London  Caper (FINAL)

Mystery P.I. - The London Caper (FINAL) | 39 MB

The priceless Crown Jewels have been stolen and the thieves have given the Royal Family only 17 hours to pay a sizeable ransom, or the jewels will be destroyed. You are the world famous Mystery P.I. and have been hired by the Royal Family to find these irreplaceable artifacts before the ransom is paid!

Mystery P.I. - The London Caper (FINAL)

Seek & Find over 2000 hidden objects in 25 intruiging London, England locations. Hurry, you only have 17 hours to recover the Crown Jewels! If you succeed you will be awarded £10 Million Pounds. Find the clues, solve the mystery!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eden's Quest: The Quest for Akua [FINAL]

Eden Hunt, a world-famous archaeologist, has received a call from a mysterious man, inviting her on a fantastic treasure hunt! Find the ancient treasure of Akua to win a huge sum of money, and finance Eden’s future adventures. Take on the other competitors head-on as you track down the hidden treasure. Eden’s Quest – The Quest for Akua takes you around the world on an exciting Adventure!

Game Features:
Tricky puzzles and minigames
Exciting Hidden Object scenes
Find the treasure of Akua!

The 1st episode of a series of adventures
A subtle blend of adventure and challenges, with a smattering of hidden objects
20 magical settings to be discovered with a lot of contextual interactions
A whole host of appealing and intriguing characters
More than 100 challenges to solve: puzzles, hidden objects, riddles,...
Animated sets, interactions with a lot of characters!
A treasure hunt full of twists and turns!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Romancing the Seven Wonders: Taj Mahal

Romancing the Seven Wonders: Taj Mahal | 154.4 mb

In 1631, India’s greatest Emperor, Prince Khurram, lost his Princess Mumtaz, the love of his life. In his grief and despair, the Emperor had the finest craftsman in the land create a tribute to his lost Princess. The task that would take more than 22 years to complete would become, The Taj Mahal. Four centuries after his death, only you can help the Prince find his one true love and guide him into her embrace, in Romancing the Seven Wonders - Taj Mahal.
Beautiful graphics
Tons of Hidden Objects
Save a great love!

Real Detectives - Murder In Miami

Step into in the shoes of a homicide detective Dan Foible and his team of experts as a sudden wave of violence hits Miami. Search for evidence, unravel clues and solve puzzles while investigating a series of crimes in this gripping hidden object adventure.

A unique blend of point-and-click and hidden object adventure, Real Detectives gives you an opportunity to hunt for evidence and interrogate suspects. Mini-games and mind-bending puzzles help you uncover clues and lead you closer to the culprit.

With a modern setting in Miami, Florida; a sensational, "pulled from the headlines" story, high production values and new-to-the-genre game mechanics, Real Detectives is poised to become a flagship crime drama series.


- Serve justice in this hidden object investigation!
- Investigate remarkable crime scenes and collect evidence!
- Follow tantalizing clues and interrogate suspects!
- Use forensic tools to solve key puzzles!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Doors of the Mind: Inner Mysteries

The nightmares began when my father finally passed away. They seem so real. They even come to me when I am awake. I haven’t slept in days. My doctor recommended that I see a dream specialist.

Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts Collector's Edition

Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts Collector's Edition | 236.3 Mb

In this exciting new episode of Treasure Seekers you must help Nelly and Tom to free the ghosts being trapped by the evil alchemist Help free the dead ancestor of cardinal house, and the shaman, as well as many more characters by finding and locating items to help free the trapped spirits. Once you have freed the ghost's from the alchemist’s evil grasp you will continue with a bonus game where you will play none other than the evil alchemist himself hell bent on finding and taking revenge on the treasure Seekers!

* Choice of Relaxed or advanced mode
* over 6 chapters of HOG fun
* Bonus level available
* Strategy guide included
* Bonus Wallpapers

Monday, September 21, 2009

Travel League: The Missing Jewels

Travel League: The Missing Jewels [FINAL] Travel from the deserts of Egypt to the coasts of Japan and the entire world over and help Alex collect the Travel League`s stolen jewelry in this fun and exciting Hidden Object game! Track down Isabella, the thief, and return the priceless jewelry to the right hands. Find important artifacts to trade for the jewels in clever Hidden Object scenes, and master tricky mini-games, to help keep the Travel League in business!

*Spectacular scenes

*Perplexing puzzles

*Find the jewelry!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Steve the Sheriff 2: The Case of the Missing Thing

Steve the Sheriff is back in an all new case in Neptuneville. The Mona Medusa is missing and it`s up to you to help Steve the Sheriff track down the thief. Use your Hidden Object skills to scour a multitude of screens. Find key objects within the scene to solve fun Adventure-style puzzles. Follow Steve and his lovable family in this one-of-a-kind Hidden Object Adventure game.

Download 2 parts:

Becky Brogan: The Mystery of Meane Manor

In the sleepy village of Old Haven, Becky Brogan's school assignment has led her to the mysterious Meane Manor on the outskirts of town. A foul mist wafts around the dilapidated house; an old fortune teller box sits abandoned in the foyer; and eerie journal pages from the past take Becky on a seek-and-find mystery hunt. In this hidden-object tale of suspense, you ll collect clues and pieces


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

50 Cartoon Network Games

Games Included:-The First Row-Ben 10 Critical ImpactBen 10 Krakken AttackBoomerang Bugs Bunny ToonamajigBoomerang Flinstones Runaround FredBoomerang Gazoo’s Guessing GizmoBoomerang Marvin Snapshot Boomerang Memory ToonerCamp Lazlo Jumping Jelly Beans-The Second Row-Camp Lazlo Paintcan PanicDexter Clone-A-Doodle DooDexter Runaway Robot Dexter Snapshot Ed Edd and Eddy Spin Stadium Ed Edd and Eddys Candy MachineFosters Home for Imaginary Friends Wheeeee!Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Wilts Wash N Swoosh-The Third Row-Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Dish it OutJohny Bravo Whuzzat KND Flight of The HamstersKND Numbuh GeneratorKND Operation S.T.A.R.T.U.PKND Operation S.T.A.TKND Operation TommyKND Tommy Trouble-The Fourth Row-My Gym Partners a Monkey Front Page NuisancePowerPuff Girls Meat The MayorPowerPuff Girls SnapshootPowerPuff Girls Zom-B-Gone!Robot Boy - Tommy TakeawayRobot Boy Depth ChargerSamurai Jack Code of The SamuraiScooby Doo and The Creepy Castle-The Fifth Row-Scooby Doo Swami ShaggyScooby SnapshootThe Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Grims DownfallThe Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy The Fright Before ChristmasThe Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Zap To It Tom and Jerry Refriger - RidersTom and Jerry Toms Trap-o-Matic


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Shop - World Traveler [Final]

Little Shop - World Traveler FINAL Little Shop - World Traveler is the latest installment in the acclaimed hidden object series. Hired by a mysterious client, it's time to span the globe in search of hidden object treasures. Search 16 scenes and discover who the mysterious client is.

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