Saturday, June 27, 2009

Posh Boutique 2

What happens when Alicia wins the lottery? What else but turn her little Posh Boutiques into a franchise!

Having already achieved success with her small fashion boutiques, Alicia decides to take a tropical vacation and evaluate her next career adventure only to find that she has won $1 million dollars! This was just the opportunity she needed to take her little Posh Boutiques to the next level - franchises! Help her achieve her dreams of entrepreneurial success in this fast paced click management adventure filled with new minigames and shop customization!

To be successful Alicia will need to be fast on her feet, keen to the needs of her customers, thrifty with her finances and astute of her V.I.P. customers!

Game Features:
- Select the minigame you want for each station!
- Customize each boutique's window dressing for more customers!
- All new minigames and hidden object levels

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