Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mini Golf Club

Mini-golf Club is a real 3D simulator of famous game. In the game rules of true mini golf are realized. In the game there are 72 kinds of different tracks. They are banked in 4 levels, by 18 tracks at each level. At the first level there are the most simple tracks, on the second and the third - is more complex. At the fourth level the most composite tracks are located. Each new game starts with flight the camera around a level. It enables the player to have a look at tracks and a level. At the game there are two outdoors and two indoors levels. In the game two modes - the usual game and training. In a usual mode it a necessary to pass in succession all tracks of a level, and in a training mode it is possible to play any level's track. Also in a training mode it is possible to cancel the last hit. At start only the first level is open. The next level becomes available when the previous have been finished successfully (with negative score). To pass a level it is necessary to pass in all of 18 holes(tracks) located on a level.

* Static and dynamic shadows.
* Realistic physics of a ball.
* Collisions of a stick with tracks.
* The high-scores table.
* Sound effects.
* Built-in MP3-player.
* The convenient interface.

System Requirements
* Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista
* 1.3 GHz processor
* 256 Mb RAM* 128 Mb video memory

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