Friday, June 12, 2009

Geo-Political Simulator

GPS lets you take over any current nation on Earth, which is a neat idea, until you realize that managing something like Sweden is just a bit less of a challenge compared to running a big power such as the United States. Sure, I had fun playing as the prime minister of Sweden, with its strong economy, budget surplus, and healthy population. All I had to do to rocket my popularity skyward was put in a brief cut on interest rates and use the ensuing tax revenue growth to fund popular projects, like hospitals, schools, and a youth soccer program that led to a Euro Cup-winning team. However, GPS sort of went out of its way to throw some wrenches into the works by saddling Sweden, of all places, with not one but two festering terrorist organizations. Despite dumping resources into internal security and policing I could never eliminate either of them. Meanwhile, things got even worse, and even more bizarre, when out of nowhere Iran, of all countries, launched a surprise military attack on Swedish soil. Such an act defies all sorts of logic.


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