Wednesday, June 24, 2009


BUGhey is a game that requires driving skills, intelligence, and smartness. It has 30 different environments (wonderful and gigantic worlds), 100 levels (every level has its own challenge, making the game exciting), 18 buggies (from a butterfly to an 8-wheeled spider, those little insects handle differently with their personality), incredibly realistic physics including wheel's inertia (you can control your pitch while in the air just like you would do with a real R/C car), and hours of fun. Unusual gameplay fun for all the family. Plus loops, jumps, bumps: in BUGhey! you'll sure often be in the air.
Three levels of difficulty. The game has English and French languages and profiling system (no need to worry that little bro will mess up your game).

2 parts (download both rars and extract)
Download part 1:
Download part 2:
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