Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore

Over a thousand objects hidden in beautiful, hand-drawn locations
Use spells and items to solve challenging adventure puzzles
Unlock secret magical items by finding keys
Interact with an animated and magical world
Immersive ambient sounds and captivating music

Pages of engaging story Return to a world of magic and mystery where the enchanted Magician's Handbook will be your guide. The evil magician pirate BlackLore has captured all the world's magicians and fairies. Using their magic to fly his pirate ship, he’s terrorized all who tried to get in his way…and you're next on his list! From an underground oasis full of talking trees to a dark swamphouse where witches capture visitors and make them a part of their house, get ready for a magical journey like no other! Can you stop BlackLore, or will you become his next victim? Over a thousand enchanted objects, magic spells, and a variety of unique and challenging puzzles await you in this immersive sequel!

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