Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is pretty much based on the Michael Jackson movie. Mr. Big has kidnapped the children and has nasty things in store for them, like drugging them and making them slaves. It's up to Michael to use his powers and save his little friends. Michael Jackson can jump, throw magical stars and dance to counter his opponents as he looks for the hidden children. Stages come in shape of some of Michael Jackson's videos like streets and graveyards. There are also caves and a final showdown in space as a robot. While your goal is to rescue each level's hidden children before time runs out, you'll have to face a variety of enemies trying to thwart your progress, from mobsters in Club 30, Dobermans on the Street, zombies and ghouls in the Woods, and spiders in the Caverns, to the heavily armed troops in the aptly named Enemy Hideout. Everything in Michael Jackson's Moonwalker game looks great and colorful. Michael looks good in that white suit, the enemies, though they are the same; they still look good as well. The level design is great. There are different locations in most of the game's stages which are designed nicely. Everything from billiards to parking lots to graveyards, they're all good. All the characters look great, from Michael to Mr. Big's hair itself.

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